Checking in with Callisto 2
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These pages are, in my opinion, another example of how Marvel specifically has lost a step in recent years. If you go back and read X-Men comics from the 70’s, the X-Men used to do things when they weren’t X-men. They would get out of the mansion, go to town, date members of their preferred gender, go to the movies and do regular stuff that we normal comic book readers do, which in the long run made the characters more believably human. It was used to juxtapose the over-the-top action the X-men faced and make commentary about the world they lived in. The racism the mutant population faced wasn’t faceless, nameless, caricatures of racial hatred, but was in their face when they went out among the normals and often they were forced to show restraint because they knew if they used their powers to punish the racists who castigated them it would only prove what was being said.

Not so now.

Now the various X-communities dwell in their own special mutant ghettoes, or on super high tech island nations, or hide out in the mansion never to leave it. The X-men are now freedom fighters for a nonspecific – and probably mutant supremacist – cause training child soldiers instead of doing outreach. The X-Men aren’t heroes anymore, they’re entitled super bullies who play the mutant card if you call them on their bullshit because they’re victims of nonspecific oppression, and that’s not even getting into the fact they’re being phased out to phase in the Inhumans because Disney doesn’t want their company producing work for Fox.

In Callisto’s side of this story segment, we get to see that Synths too are subjects of racism, but the world responds organically to that racism. We aren’t preaching about it, and it isn’t going to be used to promote any specific political or social agenda. Racism isn’t a tool for social control or justice, its just wrong and ugly. And, as you’ll see, its complicated.


Sorry for the late update today, not feeling to well.

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