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And here we have the ballad of Angry Andy.

Andy is an angry young man, probably because I was listening to Alice Cooper while I was writing this part, and his primary traits are being a human supremacist and an asshole. Those two things go together really well. Being a bunch of nerds here at Unity Press when we aren’t making picture books, we’re playing games, and I find it exceedingly funny that the stylized eagle on his forehead bears a passing resemblance to the imperial eagle of Warhammer 40,000 where bias based on genetic superiority is the norm.

The actual idea for Humanity First as a rough analog to the Aryan Nations came about as a result of discussions about how would humanity respond both to Synthetics and Gene-Augmented citizens. Unlike Shiro Masamune’s work we’re not several generations down the line, and we don’t have artificial mandates for acceptance like The Culture or Star Trek’s Prime Directive. The ramifications of mankind having selective evolution are imminent, hot button, and actively discussed. So of course the same sort of people who used to wear bed sheets and light crosses, or aspired to a black Neo-Nazi state, are now totally in bed with each other to ostracize the new humanity.
The joke here of course is that Andy is on Mars, which is one parts wild west and one parts Harlem Renaissance. The minority is the majority here, even as an underclass, and so bad guys still get punched in the face no matter whose backing them. It also goes a long way to defining what kind of story we’ve got here: white hats, black hats, and all that.

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