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I also was always a fan of Marvel’s plotlines about the Friends of Humanity back in the day, a sort of American Nazi Party with good public relations whose leadership was made up of the human child of a well known mutant terrorist. The party used to show the difference between the Xavier as Martin Luther King ideal, the Magneto as Mutant Nationalist Malcolm X, and the actual hate Mutants had to wrestle with every day. Those days are far gone, however, now that everyone everywhere has to be a swaggering dipstick. Good ideas more or less get thrown under the bus by committee and become caricatures of themselves stretching to meet some exceedingly tired metaphor for the minority of moment. Humanity First works because it’s very simple: If you aren’t human, you aren’t welcome.

Technology Point: Smart TaTs

In general tattooing and branding are widely accepted forms of expression in The Mars Project. However, certain politically uncouth commentary can serve as a bar to employment and disenfranchise the lower classes by virtue of association with certain gangs and criminal organizations. To answer this problem, cosmetic genetic grafts called Smart TaTs were created that respond to certain biological cues. You could have as many I hate synthetic life tattoos as you like and they could be rendered invisible the day you go to the job interview. However, they are subject to extremes of temperature, or if targeted by an extreme force like getting punched in the face. It wasn’t a continuity error, we swear.

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