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Gratuitous ass shot. Is it gratuitous? Yes. Are we apologetic? No. I remember catching the 1981 Heavy Metal film on Turner Classic Television one night after ten o’clock, and staying up to watch it commercials and all. It was about three hours of back to back violence with no positive aspects at all. Every bit of sex, of simple human tenderness, had been cut in the interests of time and content to make a movie that was for the general consumption of everyone by some measure, but was entirely lacking in anything meaningful.

It was just awful.

Even though I have seen the movie, and its sequel, many times since that one viewing has always stuck with me as the thing to avoid in a medium which is by and large intended to entertain. Sex is fun. It shouldn’t be a subject of shame, and it shouldn’t be weaponized as a tool to make you feel shame. So if we decide to have a beautiful woman handling a big high-powered Freudian excuse, and happen to do the shot from behind to show the distance she’s aiming at, and that should include her tightly packaged glutinous maximums? Too bad.

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