Cry Havoc
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Wewt 🙂

It’s Saturday and there’s a new page going up featuring some hot synth on synth action 😀


  • So, why did the assassin hop down into the thick of things instead of legging it after he got his target? Did he get his target? Does he have some further objective in mind? Did he have a good reason for ditching his gun? Does he have some good reason for diving into, and plan to get out of, a room full of mercenaries, cyborgs and combat synths? Has he simply given up on life? Is my attention to detail obnoxious and unwelcome? Is this barrage of inquiry coming across as amusing or sardonic?

    Sorry. Stopping now. Will resume my bad behavior on later pages at a later date. The nitpick monster needs rest.

    • The answer to your questions is…
      Because he has reasons,
      Who knows,

      No need to apologise 🙂

  • Why does Issue 4 page 8 (Romance) link to [This Page] Issue 4 page 10 (Cry-Havoc)??

    Is there a missing page 9? or is it just a labeling error?

    with both pages low on Dialog it could go ether way, but I am sorta thinking there is a missing page that contains the gun shots that left the bodies we see on page 10. Its been a long time since the these pages posted and I’m just not sure anymore.

    With the the page url’s by name only I cannot just “skip” to the expected page 9, and it does not appear in the skip to list [but that might be generated from the same data that causing the normal page turn to miss it]

    • Hm You might be right in that something went missing. I’ll see if we have the page here 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, we’ve not done very much with the project for a while now but I’m happy someone is still looking through this 🙂

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