Gearing up Part 3
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Today’s page is a perfect example of how hard it can be to do comics, kids. The script for this was written months ago, approved, and moved on. Then the art was done and works just fine. Lastly, it was brought to lettering and, perfectly justified, they asked: “Are you insane?”

There’s just too much text. There’s very little space for it on the page. And, as you can see, we eschewed gutters (that white space between panels) in the effort to fit as much text in as possible so that you get all the information. And with our deadline, there was no going back and redoing it.

It’s a testament to how good our staff can be that they made this remotely workable in the time and still got it out to you. So let’s not judge people too harshly for not being perfect. We’re not Marvel or DC. We don’t have a legion of corporate slaves to do this for us. We’re Unity, we do the best we can with what we’ve got, and we care about what we’re doing.


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  • I can just imagine someone trying to get brownie points by saying, “Insanely…AWESOME, that is!”

    That’s not me, though. I’d have to go rinse my mouth with dish soap if I actually uttered something like that. I’d creep myself out by saying that. No thanks.

    Oh, by the way, good page.

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