Heading on in
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Sorry for the somewhat late update this week folks, but it’s a double page! (it maybe squished slightly!)



  • The first panel of this page is the first time we get to see how much taller Callisto is than Kale. Just noticing that.

    Here, Callisto is towering over Kale by nearly an entire head. Can’t chalk it up to perspective either, since, if anything, Callisto is further away than Kale and still looks quite a bit taller.

    Part of it is probably the heels, I guess, but still.

    • Yup, Callisto is a big big girl. Which is how Kale likes em. In setting I think Callisto is close to about 7ft in height while Kale is closer to 6 or so. And yes the heels do put a fine point on it.

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