Hey folks,

Sorry for the long delay but between health and other issues I’ve just not had the energy to do anything with this for a while now.

We have 5 pages for this chapter and then we run out of work to post… Our hope was that support via patreon would be enough to get the comic self sustaining but we never quite got there in the end.

However I know some folks are still reading and still want to know more, to that end if you are interested leave a comment and perhaps we can do something even it’s just rough sketchy art with little word balloons floating about we can continue telling the story for you all. A story which we do have planned out for several more major arcs.

If you’d be interested in getting more involved email me at nhadden@gmail.com

If by now you’ve contacted us then hopefully we can make arrangements and the comic will continue in some fashion.. if not well it’s been a pleasure and perhaps it’ll return in some format in the future. Even if it’s just scripts 🙂


  • very interested

  • Well, I am sorry things have gotten dire enough to cripple the project. It was fun and interesting to follow along, and had some interesting ideas.

    I’ll still be checking in from time to time.

    I stand by my assertion that your Patreon following could have been much bigger if you had tried for more exposure, but I can only guess at your intentions, circumstances and reasoning.

    I have seen comics that have writing that vastly outclasses its art assets, as well as the opposite. This was a pretty good matching of art and writing and a nice little find. The two main heroines were novel and interesting.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors, and thanks for making an interesting story. I’ll stay on board your Patreon with my paltry contribution for the foreseeable future just to stay in the loop. I only wish I was rich enough to completely bankroll every worthwhile creative work I come across.

    • Heya 🙂

      Actually we have some good news. We’ve secured a new artist and have a new script. However the artist is under contract for another 4 months to another company so we can only work with him sporadically until we can hire him full time (yes we plan to hire a guy full time!)

      I think I emailed you privately a while back with an update about it but I don’t know if it got to you as I never heard back. Anyhow do keep bouncing back to us as we haven’t abandoned things 🙂

      • Oh shoot. I have to admit, I don’t check my email as much as I should and I get a lot of it, so it must have gotten buried. Try messaging me on Patreon in the future, it is more likely to get noticed there.

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