Make over? Make over!
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As you may or may not know, the primary authors, artists, editors, and associated ner-do-wells of Unity Press are men. Not because we don’t hire women, we do, but unsurprisingly there are a lot of male unemployed professionals looking for work. Imagine that, parity in the sexes, as I live and breathe.

Because of this, one of the internal critiques we’ve had is that the voice of our characters female or otherwise is very male and our content considered male-centric. However, I put to you that since our primary inspiration is the pulps of the 1920’s, which were written for fifteen-year-old boys and appealed to adults almost as an afterthought in the same way My Little Pony is meant for little girls and somehow attracts the adoration of giant man-children, that really doesn’t matter.

Likewise, its not a stereotype, to have the female characters excited about getting to dress up nice and go to a party. If you think men don’t enjoy putting on a costume and looking cool, you’re sorely mistaken.

Also, them devilish grins in the second to last panels.


So.. it’s an interesting week. We’re posting this while Turkey is in a coup and France is reeling from yet another terrorist attack. Sometimes it seems like the world is falling apart but… well at least we have hopes for a better tomorrow.

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