Singing with the Radio
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I love Kale and Callisto in cars.

It’s not just some vague joke about Pulp Fiction where some of the best jokes were John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in a car. For me, it’s just the simple character defining behaviour that folds into the greater story as a whole. In comics today, especially cape comics, characters just stand around grumbling and spouting politicized commentary. That’s not what this is either. It has movement and personality. It’s fun and makes me want to see what happens next.

And I know what happens next! I wrote it!

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  • Great use of facial expression. Looking forward to how the club will look

  • Hi, one of your patrons here. The first one I think.

    I re-read your comic from time to time whenever I’m getting caught up on new pages and it is right around this page that I always find myself thinking: “did they swap personalities?”

    I just can’t help noticing that Callisto and Kale seem to be acting inversely to their earlier characterizations. Here Kale seems to be the put-upon straight man and Callisto is the overly exuberant and child-like one. It’s like: “I could have sworn that 9 pages ago, in a scene just like this one, Kale was the one making fart noises because she was bored while Callisto was acting like the adult.”

    Given how little room you have given yourself to develop the characters up to this point, it strikes me as a bit confusing. I guess it doesn’t help that the only way I can tell them apart for certain is their eye color.

    Just trying to offer constructive criticism. My gut feeling is that you may have oversold Kale’s childlike side in the earlier pages to the extent that it clashes with a scene like this one.

    Was the shift intentional for this scene? Was there some purpose to “flipping the script” as it were? Or am I picking up on something that isn’t really intentionally there if, indeed, it can be said to exist at all?

    At any rate, keep up the good work. I am somewhat intrigued by the extra emphasis your comic seems to place on writing, and I hope you don’t mind my attempt to contribute.

    P.S. I would really rather remain anonymous and I definitely would prefer to keep my email hidden, but I suppose it is worth the risk since I actually care enough share this comment.

    • Hey!

      So I dont have a good answer for this, so I’m asking the author to reply to it.. but I just wanted to say thanks for leaving such an interesting comment. Life’s been rough lately and this really helps motivate me and keep things going 🙂

    • Oh about the email… I think they only have that to send notifications about replies, I don’t believe it shows it to visitors. Just the name you use.

    • Its actually a bit of column A and a bit of column B. In general Callisto is the more professional one when the job is dangerous or high paying, and Kale the one who thinks of such things as fun and acting impulsively. However, when not on the job Kale is the restrained one and Callisto is bubbly. The only difference with more recent pages for people that have been reading later pages, is Callisto gets very, very, excited about her favorite band.

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