The Cobalt – Part 1
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I like this page. One of the criticisms we’ve received in the past is static backgrounds where things don’t seem to be happening. Nice set pieces, but essentially lifeless, so every time we have a chance to show people doing their thing and actually bringing the scene to life I get jazzy.

Its also nice that the captions are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and providing a ‘voice over narration’ for the panels, much like Smoking Aces or Ocean’s Eleven.

And that dude in the bottom panel. Man oh man do I love his working hard face.


Going off on a tangent today, I was fortunate enough to see Zootopia recently and having been exposed to all the saccharine advertising I was suitably put off.. So you can imagine my surprise when I found a surprisingly insightful and well put together film beneath it’s fuzzy exterior. The core message, to me, was the dangers of herd mentality and how easy it is to manipulate otherwise nice, normal individuals by setting up “US” and “them” situations which the politicians of today are doing the world over. It’s of course not entirely without warrant and yet the film serves as a reminder that individuals are not just a summation of their cultural and biological traits which is a very important message in today’s world.

I think I’ll be getting a copy, for my nieces of course 😉

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