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Here it is.

After almost four years of development The Mars Project is live.

What is the Mars Project?

Well I could go on about retro-cyberpunk and neo-noir as genres, and wax philosophical about the medium, but at its base The Mars Project is a love letter to everything we here at Unity Press love about fiction. We love technology and its manifold promises. We love gritty storytelling on the seedy side of life with a little political punch to make it stand out. We love Shiro Masamune and how no matter what we do we could only ever emulate him. We love the old serials like Lester Dent, William Gibson, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. We love the tin plated knights in sour armor like Phillip Marlowe, Sam Spade, and Mike Hammer. We love both Phillip K. Dick for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Ridley Scott for Blade Runner, and looking around at the comic industry today and the directions it’s taken, we wanted more of this and less of that. So the Mars Project is our project to recapture some of the intellectualism and the awesome of our youth and give it to you, the reader, because we are like you and we know you deserve better.

J.E. McKeever, Head Writer, Unity Press Digital



After four years of hard work, frustration and emotional stress you come to know a man. Which is why it comes as a great surprise to me when the head writer manages to out-grandstand me on the first page of our new comic.

I guess he’s been planning that one for a while. It makes sense when he’s the one who helped plot out the six year-long story arcs of content we have planned for the Mars Project: Monochrome Dreams.

To those visiting the site for the first time, I hope you find the introductory page interesting and you come back here every week to see more of the chaotic adventures of our very own dynamic duo Kale and Callisto.

Beyond that, if you truly enjoy our work please consider supporting us so we can to continue to produce work and to do greater and more exciting things for our friends and supporters!

N.Hadden, Editor & Owner, Unity Press Digital


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