The Dream Job – Revving the Engine
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In the original script work for this page, there was supposed to be a sex joke. Kale, still bored off her ass, was going to lean down and start fooling around with Callisto while the viewer was treated to her almost comically cartoony expressions. That wasn’t hard to write, but it was apparently difficult for the artists to draw, and it was decided at the higher level gave the wrong idea of Kale and Callisto’s characterization. Hence, the Kale goofing off instead.

The thing is I can’t hold it against the artists at the time for having difficulty with it. At one time I styled myself as being able to write anything and wanted to get into adult writing for the perceived easy money. It’s not easy at all. I cannot express enough my deep and abiding respect for adult entertainers of all types who can separate their private selves from their work while having to engage in things they might not enjoy on a personal level. I wrote two or three adult pieces for chump change and the experience was so terrible that we started working on the Mars Project in self defense.

That being said, don’t worry, we still have sex jokes later.


One thing you will find with our beloved author is he has an almost Jack Sparrow like need to be able to proclaim himself “An Author”, it doesn’t matter what so long as he can introduce himself as “An Author” he’s golden. Which is why I’m seriously starting to consider charging him for writing up these blurbs for our comic updates as clearly he’s having far to much fun doing these.

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