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I was in a conversation today about current events and in the course of exchange discussion turned to “slacktivists”, “internet activists”, and “ultraconservative fundamentalist extremists” whose influence is both rife and insidious within the industry into which Unity has so recently become part. As we engaged in some cathartic schadenfreude it occurred to me: What are you doing to make things better, jerk?

This is also how we came up with the comic in the first place.

I write subversive comics.

To be subversive is defined as tending or intending to subvert, overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or set of beliefs. While I don’t believe it is likely, albeit not impossible, at this time we’re ever going to create high art that completely rocks the system I do believe that I at least stand against some hateful majorities and minorities that have put themselves in judgement above the little guy. Monochrome Dreams is about people fighting for what they believe in where the lines between good and evil aren’t clearly defined, where winning the day doesn’t necessarily mean winning the war, and while we’re at it we’re telling a solid story as well.

Complicated storytelling that entertains and defies politicization by special interest groups?


This section of the comic by the way was inspired by the opening moments of the Gunsmith Cats OVA, which itself is an example of solid storytelling and clean characterization. After you’re done reading this, you should go watch it. Right now. We’ll wait.


Its interesting to note that the entire comic came about as a “put up or shut-up” style argument to get the Author to stop whining about how much comics today sucked and how he could do it so much better if only he had a comic to write. So I gave him one in the hopes that maybe he’d go away, sulk for a bit and then stop whinging. As you can probably guess the plan backfired spectacularly.

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