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So Dawn of Justice sucks. Everyone is saying it, and everyone is debating it, and it is the subject du jour to discuss its positive and negative elements. What I’m asking myself and by extension asking you is:

“Is anyone surprised?”

Whether you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not, or if you appreciate the Disney buyout polarizing comics between conglomerates, credit where credit is due the people at Marvel went in with a plan and built movie by movie a cohesive whole. Even as they make their mistakes and flood the market with more and more films, the movies themselves are both qualitative and build on what the movie before did. Compare that to say Fox and the X-men franchises, or Sony trying to shill increasingly terrible Spider-Man origin stories, and you can see the difference.

So what is Warner Bros. doing? Too much, and it’s not a surprise, we’ve known it was coming for years. The Nolan batman series was great, and they rushed Man of Steel into production under the auspices it was going to be a Nolan film, only to micromanage it into the ground. Then they claimed the films were all interconnected despite never having intimated it before, as if it were all a plan, and brought us Dawn of Justice; a bigger film with a bigger cast and bigger stars, and more awesome than you could possibly need.

Of course it was going to fail. One movie to support batman, superman, wonder woman, aquaman, cyborg, the flash, and set up for a Justice League movie that no one asked for and no one wants expressly to compete with the Avengers films? Impossible. Idiocy of the highest order. And, most importantly, Warner Bros. doesn’t care. Major companies and corporations make their bones by selling products, and like The Producers they have found the perfect formula to make a movie succeed even if it’s a failure because the powers that be know they will fill seats purely on outrage. Hollywood thinks you’re a sucker who exists purely to give them money and eat this slop.

The Mars Project operates under a hard continuity. Things that occur in canon happened. There will be no retcons, deconstructions, or retellings that also ‘dramatically re-envision the setting’. What you see is what you get and our drive is to deliver quality over quantity. Maybe if some of these cape movies start failing the major companies will remember what that’s like.

Probably not.

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