The Dream Job – The Call
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When I was a kid reading comics in the late eighties and early nineties comic book characters looked like designer models. Even if they were doing the most mundane things they would strike dynamic poses and flex their impossibly perfect muscles. This was also during the first Jim Lee era of Marvel before artists could hide their imperfections with computer graphics, so somewhere I still have some X-Force comics where the leering hyper masculine characters have lots and lots of teeth that go all the way back into their skulls, and female characters who apparently lack not only spines but internal organs, all wearing Lycra.

I love the idea that Kale and Callisto have a large closet of normal clothes just like you and me, and that real life waits for no man. Bad things don’t wait for you to be ready for them, and good things can strike just as suddenly. In particular, Kale looking entirely bewildered and without class in these shots followed so soon after getting out of bed and scratching her backside like a cave beast. Not only are these characters you could live next door to, these are characters you could actually be.

If you were an artificial intelligence living on Mars that is.


Some people have told me they don’t like Patreon so much, so here’s a Paypal donation link if you feel like supporting us but don’t want to bother with the hassle of a Patreon sign up.

We’re almost to the end of chapter 1 of the comic, and so far things have been pretty run of the mill for the girls but both the action, story and art quality will be improving as we move into chapter 2 and beyond. Those on Patreon will already have seen the art previews and be looking forward to finding out more 🙂

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