The Dream Job – The Chase
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I was a weird kid. Born in the very early eighties I actually started to notice the world in the late eighties and was a fully formed person in the nineties, but always thought of myself and my place in the world as an eighties kid. When I was twelve I didn’t like grunge and I still think Kurt Cobain was a hack. I liked Maiden, Metallica – they hadn’t lost their minds yet – and Megadeth, and in the Pacific Northwest that was as good as a social death sentence.

I also had the privilege to live through an era of the single greatest cinema ever put forward for the combination of raw ridiculousness and subtle cool. While other kids were watching imported Power Rangers, I was watching Predator and Aliens. Later when people were rendered into sheep by the combination of computer generated wank and Keanu Reeves wooden delivery in the Matrix, I was watching Enter the Dragon and wondering what all the fuss was about when you could watch Bruce Lee do even more amazing feats without CGI. I basically had all the prerequisites to be a Hipster except for money and a sense of entitlement, and since I don’t drink I can’t kill enough brain cells to wear skinny jeans.

The point is I learned some key things about the life of an action movie character, best coined by the game Shadowrun: shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never cut a deal with a dragon. An implicit collary to that derived from every series since Mad Max to The Big O is have a cool car. And, if someone hurts your car, make them pay for it. The subparagraph B on that is to double down if they hit you with a car by Buick. If it’s not a muscle car, go Ford or go home.


So I’m going to open today by saying, hey we have a patreon¬†account, and for every 10 people that sign up we’ll be giving away a special exclusive Mars Project Poster! In addition people that sign up to follow us at the 5 USD tier get access to early work, and our Mars Project related fiction.

Yes I’m shilling and yes if you have friends who’d like our stuff, please share it with them.

I’d say more but it’s been a rough week so far and I’m all out of sarcasm, so here’s hoping next week improves, until then enjoy the comic!

PS. Were also posting weekly links to our comic over on our reddit account /u/UnityPressDigital


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