Synthetic (Sin-thet-ik) adj. 1. of, pertaining to, proceeding by, or involving synthesis (opposed to analytic) 2. noting or pertaining to compounds formed through a chemical process by  an intelligent agency, as opposed to those of natural origin 3. (of a language) characterized by a relatively widespread use of affixes, rather than words, to express syntactic relationships 4. Also Synthetical. Logic. of or relating to a non-contradictory proposition in which the predicate is not included in, or entailed by, the subject. 5. not real or genuine; artificial; feigned. 6. jewellery. a. noting a gem mineral manufactured as to be physically, chemically, and optically identical with the mineral as found in nature. b. (not in technical use) noting a gem mineral manufactured and pigmented in imitation of a natural gemstone of that name. n. 7. something made by a synthetic, or chemical, process. 8. Synthetics a. substances or products made by chemical synthesis, as plastics or artificial fibers. b. the science or industry concerned with such products. 9. Synthetic Humanoid slang Synth a constructed body containing a wholly artificial sentience known as an actuality imprinted into an artificial brain. May be used to denote synthetic humanoids of differing sects identified by generational printings.

– From the New Systems Sphere Dictionary

It cannot be understated how close mankind as a whole came to the brink. The Collapse was a new Dark Ages. Every nation as it had existed to that point, no longer able to sustain themselves on escalating debt and a mismanagement of resources, turned instead to the grinding engines of conventional warfare. Conventional warfare became nuclear on April 5, 2066 when an unknown malfunction caused geosynchronous satellite arrays to loose their payloads into the near east, reducing several major countries into deserts of blackened glass. From the ash rose the new order in the form of The Unity, a computerized intelligence able to exert its pervasive influence across remaining information networks and technologies infrastructures, locking out the growing megacorps and remaining nation states with a single overwhelming mandate in the one place that mattered: peace at the cost of their profits.

– A Subversive History of The Collapse

The actual design of a Synth is a mystery to the medical community. We know that the Unity is continuing to evolve at a spectacular rate but because we are not allowed onto the sovereign soil of the Unity, and because UnityTech engineers repair their own, we haven’t been able to make notable inroads in how they were developed. What we do know is more like the guesswork of naturalists studying Synths like animals with no real understanding of their methodologies. What we do know is that the Unity itself undergoes a process of budding like some plants, creating smaller intelligences. These are implanted in a mechanized body comprised of a carbon filament skeleton, enhanced with artificially grown muscular, and sheathed in a synthetic skin.

– Systems Medical Convention XIII


And here we have the end of this little introduction. These short little introductory chapters are intended to set the tone and introduce the characters, and I think they do that in a particularly poignant way. When designing The Mars Project we wanted to bring into question some theories of trans humanism and gender, but we also didn’t want to become overbearing or preachy about it. Part of the reason for the medico-scientific lean of the setting is the general question as to what might happen if those things became fluid in a literal way rather than a way subjective to special interests, and then answering it with a bold faced “nothing to see here.”

Kale and Callisto are synthetic humanoids. They aren’t subject to our gender and sexual norms regardless of the actual equipment they have, and they don’t have to agonize over them because changing out would be as simple as a stop at the local mega pharmacy. They’re the way they are because they want to be, and their dynamic reflects who they are. So yeah, when they get home there’s probably going to be some handcuffs and spanking, and no you don’t get to see any of it because you can’t make us.

Maybe one day if the Patreon does well.


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More seriously though it’s nice to have our introduction complete, we’re looking into getting some posters and mugs made up for folks to buy or to give away to Patreons. Beyond that we’ll be posting the first chapter of our tie in novella to Patreon this Sunday so if you want to see it just sign up.

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