So where were we?

Where have we been?

Why didn’t we update and why didn’t we tell you there was a problem!?

The answer is, no matter how well you lay your plans, mistakes happen. That’s the risk you take when you’re trying new things and learning as you go: when things work, they’re absolutely amazing, and when they don’t they’re a total mess. In this case we had all the art and scripts done before and after, but because this specific part of the script ran somewhat longer than others there was a misunderstanding and some pages got put under a rock. Literally they just didn’t get done, and we at the top thought they were done until we discovered they weren’t.

It’s not anyone’s fault.

Nobody’s losing their job.


Annnd were back folks!

After a short unintentional break we’ve got a new page and a new style of art to show off, we also thought it’d be a good time to try out some new dialog boxes since we had some complaints about the old ones. What thoughts folks?

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