The Setup
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One of the fun things about being a writer is you don’t actually know what the artist is going to do with your work. Yes, some writers get into exacting detail on the description and damn the consequences for the artist who can’t perfectly recreate their concept in every detail, but I’m the sort who prefers to give a broad stroke of a scene and let the artist define how things are presented. That way we both get to express our artistic creativity, and I think the resultant product is a bit more human than some of the processed stuff coming out of larger companies.

I’ve had a conversation or two before about the superiority of old cel-shaded Disney work compared to the Beauty and the Beast era increasingly computer generated 2-D era where everything was ‘perfect’ and completely lacking in weight, dirt, or depth. It’s like the administrators at Disney had never heard of the uncanny valley while they were firing all their staff and swapping over to PIXAR, who are some of the best 3-D animators out there actually, but I still enjoy a good 2-D work and wish Disney hadn’t thrown traditional artistry under the bus.

Now everything is Cal Arts potato faces and Steven Universe enforced diversity.

Man, I’m salty.

Regardless, originally I envisioned Arnold Lore on this medical bed with a billion tubes running into him and a bunch of technicians, and some Deus Ex style overlays with a bunch of information as his brain is patterned. However, I like what the artist has come up with and I think it works for the Mars Project better. The ultra wealthy upper ward dwelling humans don’t go out on some industrial medical machine floor, they just relax in a quiet room and let the one tube do its thing, computers quietly humming along, maybe with your personal assortment of easy listening.

I’m also loving how our artists are getting more confident and the anatomy is getting sharper. I think we’re moving away from the cartoony simplicity of our earlier panels towards some more Only Human or Ghost in the Shell style anime realism.

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