Vlad’s Little Joke
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Here at the Mars Project we do actually listen to criticism. I know, shock and horror to some, and heresy to others, but that doesn’t mean the critique is always right.

Recently, I was informed that these little comedic bits weren’t good, that they were unfunny and hurt the narrative. On the other hand, I think these jokes are character defining. In a medium replete with deadpan snarky assholes making movie quips every other line, Kale, and Callisto are actually quite conservative.

The girls are jokers because, as the story goes on, you’ll find they’ve seen and done some terrible things. When faced with that kind of history you either become a cynical asshole, or you put on a smile and try to make the best of it. Likewise with Vlad here, we had to put as much personality into his appearance as possible for someone who physically can’t emote very much. His social cues are word use, timing, and how he comports himself.

Then again, if we ever went to Hollywood Michael Bay would want to slap a giant pair of CGI eyebrows on his face.


The Author can get a bit sensitive about his writing, I on the other hand have been told that I’m terrible at letting. Honestly this isn’t surprising to me as it’s something I never trained for beyond having a passing familiarity with photoshop, while I’m going to keep to this format for the remainder of the chapter come the next I’ll look into improving it.



  • I had to send this to a Russian friend of mine, she’s lived in the states since she was 5, but she has this absurd collection of gifs/pics/etc along the lines of “in Soviet Russia”, she loved this.

  • I actually like these jokes. Vlad’s joke here was lame – but comes across as an intentional bit of characterization that becomes hilarious as a result. The characters joke around in a way that feels very natural.

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